Because Payroll On A Budget was built to meet the needs of small businesses with 10 or fewer employees, we give you personalized payroll service. Your business matters to us and you are our core business. We specialize in working with business owners who run great small businesses and want a reliable, cost effective and accurate way to process payroll and remove one more item from their to do lists.

We’re not a big company trying to fit you in. We’re a small-business payroll company that makes you our No. 1 priority.

Make Payroll On A Budget Your Payroll Partner

For one low price per payroll, we take care of all your payroll-related matters, from issuing direct deposits to handling quarterly tax requirements and year-end W-2s. You also get comprehensive reporting, along with instant, anytime access to all the information you need to manage your company’s payroll.

Our fee of just $19.95 per payroll, plus $1.25 per payment, includes:

  • Paperless payroll service: Our online payroll solution is the most innovative, efficient and secure way to process payroll.
  • Payroll tax payment: Guaranteed filing and compliance on all payroll taxes for federal, state or local taxing authorities.
  • Deductions tracking and reporting: Manage pre- or post-tax deductions for garnishments, child support, health insurance, retirement plans, or other deduction categories.
  • Paid time off accrual and tracking: Manage vacation, personal or sick time for your employees and include visibility on pay stubs or the employee self-service portal.
  • Payroll direct deposit: Electronic transfer of an employees’ net pay directly into financial institution accounts designated by the employee, avoiding the costs and time delays associated with mailing paper checks.
  • Payroll debit cards: Electronic loading of employees’ net pay directly onto individual employee debit cards, similar to ATM cards (debit cards incur a small monthly fee per employee).
  • Self-service portal: Password-protected online access to personnel information, payroll check stubs, time off accruals, W-2s and more, for both employer and employee.

Also, we’re experts in supporting all industries, including some with more complex payrolls such as:

  • Non-profit payroll: Special services to address the special considerations and IRS reporting obligations for non-profit companies.
  • Restaurants: Our platform allows you to enter multiple pay rates for each employee, such as if the hourly pay differs as a waitress versus shift leader, as well as to enter tips as a separate category.

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Additional Services

In addition to our comprehensive payroll service, we also offer a suite of employment-related services through valued partners to simplify your operations, letting you focus more company resources on meeting the needs of your clients or customers. While many of these services may be more applicable as you grow your business and add employees, we offer them all to our Payroll On A Budget clients so that you may access one-stop resources for your employment needs.

  • Employment screening: Gives you sophisticated background-check services and other resources for added confidence in your hiring decisions.
  • Section 125 plans: Allows your employees to pay for certain employee group benefits, such as medical and dental care, with pre-tax dollars, saving both you and your employees money normally paid in taxes.
  • 401(k) plans: Creates a tax-saving tool for your business and a savings vehicle for your employees; EasyChoice 401(k) Plans offer a retirement plan integrated with your current payroll service.
  • Time and attendance: Automates the job time-tracking process, ensuring that your employees are paid for the time they work – nothing more and nothing less.
  • Human resources system: A powerful central employee database to track and report attendance, salaries, training and certifications, as well as personal and custom employee data.

Payroll On A Budget offers the most affordable payroll processing service in the industry, with a sincere guarantee that you will be completely satisfied.  Our complete payroll solution helps you as a small business owner manage the ins and outs of payroll processing, so you can focus on serving your own customers and growing your business.

Want more information? Contact us to speak with one of our payroll experts and get answers to your questions, or sign up for payroll service now.