Green Calculator

Payroll On A Budget’s paperless, Internet-based payroll system helps protect the environment, as well as saves time and money for business owners and employees. See the impact your company can have on the environment by using our Green Payroll Calculator.

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Enter Company Assumptions
Number of Employees:
Number of Payrolls per year:
Average Number of Miles
an employee drives to bank:
Enviromental Impact
Landfill Space Pounds
Cubic Feet
Gasoline C02 Metric Tons of CO2
Paper CO2 Pounds of CO2
Waste Water Gallons
Trees Trees
Company Cost Savings
Plain Paper $
Paper Checks $
Envelopes $
Total Volume of Paper Reams
Time Printing/Delivering Valuable
Employee Cost Savings
Gasoline $
Time Depositing Valuable

Other Considerations

Besides the above, businesses incur environmental and cost impacts for:

  • Time handing out checks
  • Storage for paper/envelopes/checks
  • Potential check fraud
  • Delivery of paper/envelopes/checks
  • Lost destroyed checks
  • Postage fees
  • Time ordering supplies
  • Emissions impact of mailed checks/reports
  • Ink or toner expenses
  • Governmental reports printing, mailing
  • Printer wear and tear
  • W2 forms, printing, mailing

Want a customized view based on your business?

The calculator uses average costs and does not include state regulations. To create a detailed view for your business, please contact us to complete a free customized green savings calcuation. For more information call: 972-353-0000